Max Tsai is an Innovator and Entrepreneur in Digital Disruptions.  He is currently the Innovation Architect at Fresno State with the lead role of promoting the campus culture of innovation.  

Max recevied his Master of Science in Computer Science and had been working in Digital Transformtion at Higher Educaition since 1997.  He technically architected the digitalization of Library Online Catalog and Website at Fresno State; and converted the the Dumb Terminals to Internet-ready Web stations.  He later joined the California State University - Pharos (Z39.50)  project and contrinuted to the Electricla Inter-library Loan and Online Journals development.  Max was also the master mind of implementing the first campus Aironet 802.11 Wifi and Mobile (HP Handheld) computing pilot.  In 2002, he became as the Development and Integration Lead of Digital Campus to establish the campus Online Learnong Management, Blackboard, and integration with Peoplesoft Student Information System.  He has continued expanding his digital disruption effort while working at Technology Innovation for Learning and Teaching as the Information Architect and was the go-to person for technology innovation support to kick off the DISCOVERe program.  He was selected by the Chief Information Officer for the Innovation Archietct role -- both positions were first ever at Fresno State since 1911.  


Max's new role starting 2019:  Coordinator of Digital Transformation -- provide thought leadership in digital disruption; and, develop new technology programs with a focus on fostering relationships with corporate and public sector partners for Fresno State.



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