DASH:  AI and Robotic Process Automation

Project Sponsor:  Dr. Denise Nef
Principle Investigator:  Max J. Tsai

As surprising as it may seem, agriculture has long been on the cutting edge of technology usage. For over 150 years, farmers have taken advantage of the technological breakthroughs developed by researchers at land grant colleges of agriculture. The Cooperative Extension Service was founded early in the 20th century to more effectively facilitate this transfer of technology from university to farm. In the early years, technology meant the creation of new mechanical devices. Later technology became 'biotechnologies' that helped improve products and productivity. Water delivery technologies improved efficiency of water use. Processing technologies enabled improvements connecting the farm to the consumer. Today, we continue that tradition of bringing the university together with those in agriculture-whether on the farm, supplying inputs to the farm, or processing and marketing farm products. Our vision to seamlessly integrate technology transfer using the Digital Agricultural Solutions Hub (DASH). More importantly, we hope for a two way sharing of information. We look forward to hearing from you as we improve this product.