Workforce Development

CyberSecurity Internship

WITH-Cyber 2024~

If you are interested in the world of hashtag#cybersecurity, join Technology Services at California State University, Fresno for a transformative 10-week hashtag#WITH_CYBER internship where you'll dive deep into the world of hashtag#cybersecurity through hands-on, experiential learning. Work with education and industry partners to defend against today's cyber threats and build a more secure and resilient cyberinfrastructure for the future!

Director, Workforce Development: Max J. Tsai 

Project Ignite: Technology Innovation and Incubation

In technology innovation digital skills are a crucial part of preparing students for the workplace, but as technology advances skills such as collaboration, communication, and creativity are becoming just as critical. It is important for students to develop and identify these skills in solution development frameworks to better adapt to changing workplace expectations. A platform such as Project Ignite provides students the opportunity to connect their ideas, interact with diverse perspectives, and gain experience in all areas of solution development.

Project Ignite e is a campus-wide technology innovation program developed through a collaboration between the Technology Services — Hub of Digital Transformation and Innovation and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students from all across campus collaborate in teams to develop innovative solutions to campus dilemmas. Project Ignite promotes interdisciplinary student involvement to drive ideation, creative exploration, and business model development.

Principle Investigators:  Max J. Tsai |  Emil Milevoj